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    Why You Need an Employee Level-Up System

    Why You Need a Level-Up System

    Without a clear incentive plan, employees are unclear about how to advance within a company. Additionally, with no outlined goals, employees easily become unmotivated and disconnected with their work. To create clarity within the workplace, implement an outlined incentive plan, such as an Employee Level-Up System. An Employee Level-Up System provides measurable, attainable success that keeps employees charged forward.

    When managing a large workforce, it’s important that each individual knows exactly what to expect. Full transparency allows employees to more easily take initiative and ‘Level Up’. Specifically, a structured incentive program can increase employee performance by 44% and increase annual revenue by 3 times.1

    OneTeam360’s Employee Level-Up System allows team members to know exactly what the expectations are to earn incentives, pay-raises, or promotions. Now, you can avoid tedious conversations about expectations for advancement within the company.

    What is OneTeam360’s Level-Up System?

    Our Level-Up System gives users the ability to track progress at different levels. This will not only motivate your employees, but will also encourage them to stay at your company.

    We recognize the huge difference that incentives can make on the morale of your workforce. OneTeam360’s Level Up System’s design allows users to complete attainable tasks for points. Those points then contribute to their ability to level up, gain incentives, and feel motivated.

    As a default, we pre-set 10 levels for your employees so that they can get a motivating kick-off. Levels get a little more challenging to attain over time as responsibilities increase.

    Ways You Can Customize OneTeam360’s Level-Up System to Suit Your Company’s Needs

    Levels can mean completely different things for different companies. Level-up tasks can range from cleaning up to managing the whole business. We encourage team administrators to customize their level system to suit their individual company’s needs. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you edit your levels. By creating attainable goals to work towards, employees will feel a deeper connection beyond the immediate task at hand.

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    Eliminate Confusion Over Pay Raises and Promotions (On Both Ends)

    Use the Level-Up System to outline large incentives, such as raises, bonuses, and other financial benefits. This way, every employee clearly knows the things are expected from them to attain a promotion. Moreover, this will give team members keep them on track for constant positive growth.

    We know that it can be difficult for employers to keep track of every team member’s performance over a long period of time. Our system eliminates any confusion so that employers have performance data on hand and can reward employees accordingly.

    Align Your System With Professional Development Goals

    Set your levels to tie in with professional development goals. As an example, level one could be titled as “Training,” level two would be “Junior Team Member.” This would continue until the employee would reach the status of being a “Full Time Member.”

    First, decide the amount of points required for team members to reach the top level. Then, work back to calculate what the levels leading up to the top level should require.

    Get Creative With Rewards

    OneTeam360’s Level-Up system is designed so that the company is more connected with team members. Therefore, don’t hesitate to really connect! Take this time to ask your employees about their interests, long term goals, and other personal favorites. Use this information when you are deciding on incentives.

    Get creative with rewards by offering company gear, gift cards, learning experiences, or shout-outs. This makes rewards more attainable and encourages a more fun and personable atmosphere!

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    Don’t Be Afraid to Make Changes As You Go

    As you use an Employee Level-Up System to interact with your employees, your workforce will become more connected and coordinated.

    Adjust along the way as you see fit! OneTeam360 makes it super easy to make edits in any Level-Up System.

    We’d love for you to book a demo with us if you want a live view of how our Level-Up System can enhance your workforce!


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