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In order to boost your culture you need to be clear about your expectations. OneTeam360 simplifies clarification and tracks performance over time. Now, more than ever before, YOU GOT THIS!!

Upholding your base level expectations should be very clear.

One of the most common mistakes organizations make is by not clarifying the path to advancement. Core values are an organizations’ set of base level expectations that its employees should uphold. At a bare minimum an employee who represents these values well should be rewarded. Our Core Value tools make this process straight forward & transparent.

Different Jobs, Different Expectations.

Core values are dynamic. There might be some core values that are the same between all jobs at an organization. OneTeam360 lets you create your own expectations and assign them to specific jobs or all jobs. That way employees at all levels become very clear on what is expected from them.

Recording Core Value Interactions

A core value interaction should be conducted with each employee as frequently as possible. That means that, in most cases, a manager should evaluate that their employees are upholding them. We make this process simple and straight forward. OneTeam360 provides a visual way to show each staff, or team member, how they are performing in accordance with expectations.

Core Value Interaction to 360 Feedback

What happens after a core value interaction is recorded?

After a manager records a core value interaction for an employee the employee will receive the opportunity to provide feedback about that manager. Read more about our Daily 360 Degree Feedback tool.

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In one year on the OneTeam360 platform, we have doubled the retention numbers of our team. This app is a game changer.
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It's awesome being able to pull up a team member's training history from my phone when I need to reference the skills we need to work on together.