Team Member Check Ins

It pays to know who you’re working with... in real time.
Check ins tell you exactly who is onsite with you and at what locations.

Pre Shift Meetings?

If your organization conducts pre shift meetings you should see all your checkins sitting in a queue and those people will be at your pre shift meeting. Then you can approve all the check ins and continue on with your normal workflow

Team Member check in

Know who is on site so you can do your core value interactions

If you’ve ever had to walk through your work environment to know who actually on site with you check ins will answer that question for you. Even if someone is currently on break, check ins will show you exactly who is part of your on site team. If you are using Core Value Interactions check ins will make that process really simple.

Hook check ins up to help unlock rewards!

For super busy workplaces a simple check in can work toward gaining points. And points help your team advance and unlock new and exciting perks and incentives. Learn more about perks and incentives

The Check In Process

OneTeam360 is highly configurable. But in most cases, this is how check ins work.

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High Engagement

I haven’t seen our team this engaged in work in a very long time. I wish I found OneTeam360 earlier.
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Retention Doubled

In one year on the OneTeam360 platform, we have doubled the retention numbers of our team. This app is a game changer.
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Everything From My Phone

It's awesome being able to pull up a team member's training history from my phone when I need to reference the skills we need to work on together.