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Questions regarding features of the OneTeam360 platform

1. What is Positivity Index by OneTeam360?

The OneTeam360 Positivity Index provides a completely unique at-a-glance look at your workforce performance. It is a real time indicator that analyzes your teams data points over the last 30 days. It is completely customizable to reflect the results of what matters most to your organization.

2. Is there a way to maintain notes about all my employees in the OneTeam360 platform?

The OneTeam360 Platform has a customizable and segment-able notes tool. Keep notes private or share them with employees. Create note segments for documenting praise, tracking conduct that could be improved, simple annotations, or whatever you like. You can always refer to notes for historical reference.

3. Do you integrate with my Time & Attendance or Payroll Software?

OneTeam360 has a robust OpenAPI which can be utilized to conduct a myriad of functions and provide leverage-able connectivity between your systems. OneTeam360 approved time and attendance integrations are being developed with your preferred vendor to provide easy 1-click connections to the tools your team already utilizes.

General & Setup

Questions regarding setting up the platform, usage, and maintenance.

1. Does OneTeam360 have a mobile app?

OneTeam360 is available on the app store for mobile devices using iOS or Android operating systems.

2. Does OneTeam360 have a web portal?

OneTeam360 has a cloud web portal accessible through any modern browser. It is available for all team members who prefer to access OneTeam360 tools from a desktop device.

HR Help Center

Articles and Notes focused on Employee Management

1. How do I keep my hourly employees motivated?

Keeping hourly employees engaged and motivated takes a lot of effort. Thankfully, we designed the OneTeam360 platform to greatly simplify the work of keeping your employees engaged, so you can get the best out of them. Here are five critical items to keeping your team engaged

  1. Set Clear Expectations
  2. Communicate Effectively
  3. Provide Frequent Guidance and Feedback
  4. Set Achievable Goals
  5. Recognize your Employees

Schedule a demo today to learn how the OneTeam360 platform facilitates and simplifies employee engagement for your team.

2. How can I incentivize people to volunteer for open shifts?

OneTeam360 platform includes a points-based incentive system. Team members are awarded points based on their performance during each shift against preset factors defined by the company administrator. Earning points helps team members progress through the company’s merit system typically divided into levels, with incentives tied to reach each level. While these points are automatically awarded based on interactions during their shifts, Managers may opt to manually award a point to anyone on their team per their discretion, in this case for volunteering to pick up an open shift, thus accelerating their advancement.

3. What are ways to utilize 360-degree feedbacks?

360-degree feedback is a way of collecting performance data and feedback from multiple sources – peers, subordinates, customers, and/or supervisors. It is most often used as a tool to provide feedback to managers and leaders within an organization. The goal is essentially to get input from different sources and thus, different viewpoints, about the strengths and areas of improvement of an individual.

In the OneTeam360 platform, a manager rates her interactions with her team members during each shift, based on which points are awarded to team members. Similarly, team members have an opportunity to provide feedback anonymously regarding their manager’s performance, which are not only used to calculate points but also assist in the development of the manager.

Evidence shows that positive feedback from subordinates leads to increase in engagement for managers and decreased turnover in the organization.

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