Employee Management Software for Hospitality

Happy, motivated employees will go the extra mile.

Isn’t it time your food establishment or hotel functioned the way you expect it to. Start promoting a happy & healthy culture by setting clear expectations and outlining opportunities for advancement.

Employee Engagement Software for Hospitality Software
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Focus on what’s in front of you.

Know who is onsite with you so you can easily delegate at the drop of a dime.

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Standout from the rest by showing your patrons what makes you unique.

Easily track adherence to core values so you can celebrate and reward your real champions.

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Did not keep station stocked.
Hospitality core values

Keep team members on a forward trajectory by training them to see the bigger picture

Easily train individuals or groups of team members and track performance over time. Task out skills that need to be reviewed so that users are fully prepared. 

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Pasteries - Pâte à choux
Good proportions and general understanding.
Pastry training

Individual Skills

Build skills and confidence by training and introducing new skills to your food team.

Porters - Misplaced Luggage
Knew the 4 steps to tracking down luggage.
Porters - Misplaced Luggage
Knew the 4 steps to tracking down luggage.
Porters - Misplaced Luggage
Knew the 4 steps to tracking down luggage.
Porters Bell Carts

Entire Training Scenarios

Build entire training scenarios that mimic real life circumstances that may occur at your hotel.

Brewery Reporting

100% customizeable reporting is a new way for hospitality shift managers to communicate important shift information. Now each shift can pick up right where another shift left off.

Trackable hotel and restaurant data for historical purposes and easy communication.

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Finally! A way to know what your staff really thinks

Know how staff feels about their managers, and work environment, to help your organization build a safe & resilient culture.
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Level up with gamified Perks & Incentives for hospitality staff.

Stop the cycle of rehiring for the same hospitality roles repeatedly. You need to make a change but you aren't sure how. A proven framework for Motivation with Perks and Incentives backed by real science.

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