Employee Management Software for Parks and Recreation

Happy, engaged, employees make the best recreation programs.

Bring your city the best. Easily train and build a highly engaged team with a focus on compliance.

City Parks and Recreation Staff
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Finally, the peace of mind you’ve been looking for.

Automatically track your teams’ documentation & certifications and we'll send all the nofitications and reminders so you're never out of compliance.

City Parks and Recreation Rangers
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Listen to what your parks and rec team really thinks

Automatically collect 360 degree anonymous feedback about your city parks, community centers, & recreation managers. Then get visual, actionable results so your team feels heard and respected.

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360 feedback example
360 feedback example
360 feedback example
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Task Management right in the App you are already using to do everything else.

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Laser focus on where outstanding tasks are and who needs to accomplish them

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Gamified Advancement with Perks & Incentives

Your town or city's Parks & Recreation team needs a clear path forward. Choose the perks, rewards, and incentives that make sense at your Rec Department. Leave the rest to us.

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task system
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