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    Measure company culture objectively with Positivity Index by OneTeam360.

    The Importance of the Positivity Index

    Having a concrete way of evaluating our company culture and building positivity into our organization has been one of things that kept me up at night. We all know when company culture goes wrong, but we lack objective tools to know when our team investments are moving in the right direction. When creating the original “app” which led to OneTeam360 platform, the team and I worked incredibly hard on determining not just a way for us to know if the individual staff member was performing successfully in their role, but more importantly whether the staff team as a whole was reaching their potential.

    With that in mind, we developed the OneTeam360 Positivity Index; a rated scale which provides potential vs. actual achievement in a simple, easy to understand KPI. This numerical representation of team performance opened up the flood gates of possibilities for incentives, feedback and engagement from the team.

    How It Works

    The OneTeam360 Positivity Index works by essentially taking the available team points and the points actually earned by members of the team in a given time period, and processes a calculation through a proprietary algorithm. That algorithm provides a current Positivity Index rating for the business owner and the team to easily understand and share. This rating is displayed directly on the team dashboard and in the individual mobile apps.

    How We Use It

    In its simplest form, the Positivity Index is used to help the team reach its potential. As an example, consider an underperforming warehouse team who is easily capable of more, but due to supply chain issues, lacks the current motivation to produce.  Now imagine that we set a 90% positivity index goal for the warehouse team and let them know that by achieving that 90% index goal in the month of December, they will earn them 1.5x pay for a shift of their choosing.  Instantly, we have an automated system which they can use to track and follow progress using the OneTeam360 mobile app. Instantly, participants are driven to achieve their potential and motivate and encourage each other to perform to the best of their abilities.

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    What We Have Seen

    In internal case studies, we have witnessed team members, both veteran and newbie, step up to drive performance in their peers. Any underperforming members are encouraged to do more to reach their potential so that the team can reap the benefit. In short, it’s one thing to let yourself down, but a whole other thing to let the team down.

    What you should do now

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