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    What is a Workforce Management App?

    A workforce management app manages employees in various departments, job titles, or locations from the accessibility of a mobile device. A WFM software also allows open, organized communication between managers and employees —which the system thoroughly tracks for continuous optimization.

    A workforce management system enables team leaders with the tools to maintain employee compliance, productivity, and skill performance. These are difficult to achieve without a system, but a WFM makes it easy.

    OneTeam360 is the workforce management app that does everything you could dream of. Additionally, there are countless game-changing features that solve problems you probably didn’t even realize existed. Here are a few glimpses of what a 360-degree workforce management app looks like.

    1. An employee dashboard with all the details you could need.

    workforce management app

    OneTeam360’s workforce management app includes a full-view employee dashboard. Here, you can view job titles, contact information, notes left by managers, and certification status. Additionally, you can see the completion status of their tasks.

    These details are useful on their own, but OneTeam360 takes it further by measuring the more human qualities. For example, the categories of notes are praise, coachable moments, recognition, or verbal warnings. Additionally, OneTeam360 tracks interaction ratings in various levels of satisfaction.

    2. Training assessments that support continuous skill growth.

    workforce management app

    Skill maintenance of all employees is a difficult feat to do without workforce management software. Overlooking the skill ability of employees will lead to them feeling lost, frustrated, and unable to perform proficiently.

    OneTeam360 makes it easy with skill assessments, which then use scores for assigning further review material. This can be in the form of explanations, photos, or videos.

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    3. A recognition system that clarifies expectations, advancement, and incentives.

    One of the most important things within a workforce management app is that it actively engages employees to feel like their company values them and their work as an individual. Otherwise, a lack of clarity on expectations or advancement will eliminate any sense of motivation or positive company culture.1

    OneTeam360 allows for 360-degree feedback between employees and managers. Feedback categories are customizable in different levels of positivity, such as praise or verbal warnings.

    Additionally, OneTeam360 implements a unique level-up system that outlines the expectations of each employee. These levels can come with customizable incentives, like a pay raise or a gift card. This way, employees know that the company recognizes individual work and performance fairly.

    See OneTeam360, the leading workforce management app, in action.


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