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    Mastering Recruitment: Insights from OneTeam360’s CEO on Hiring Excellence

    Hello, I’m Dan Berzansky, founder and CEO of Premier Aquatics and Premier Swim Academy. I started my career as a swim instructor, so I understand firsthand the employee lifecycle and its challenges.

    Hiring the right individuals is more than a process; it’s an art that, when mastered, becomes a cornerstone of organizational success.

    Over a 15+ year career, I’ve honed the craft of building formidable teams and am excited to share these insights here.

    The Consequences of Subpar Hiring:

    Let’s open with a tale that’s as instructive as it is entertaining. Picture this: a lifeguard, duty-bound to ensure safety, found asleep, and the subsequent intervention by a well-meaning but misguided parent.

    This incident underscores not just the importance of vigilance in hiring but also the indispensable value of airtight documentation and accountability, something that OneTeam360 has robustly supported us in achieving.

    Yet, this isn’t about assigning blame. It’s about recognizing that each hiring misstep is an opportunity to refine and improve our processes.

    As we’ve navigated the post-pandemic landscape, the imperative to select not just any, but the right individuals, has never been more pronounced.

    Elevating Job Descriptions:

    After COVID, we were desperate to find anybody to fill our roles. As we emerge from this period, the tables are turning. Our organization has experienced a significant increase in the number of applications received.

    In January and February combined last year, we received 200 applications, but this year we received nearly 800. As a result, we have the opportunity to be more selective in our hiring process.

    It is crucial to find the right people to represent our organization and help us achieve our goals. The key to finding the right fit is having a conversation with the team and designing the perfect person for the job.

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    The secret? A job description that doesn’t just inform but inspires.

    In crafting these, we don’t settle for generic. We envision the archetype of the ideal candidate, drawing inspiration from our existing stars.

    For instance, we don’t just look for lifeguards; we seek “superheroes of safety”. The aim is to attract individuals driven by excellence, those eager to align with and contribute to our ethos of being the best.

    Innovating the Interview Process:

    Our interview process is anything but ordinary. It’s tailored to reveal the candidate’s true potential in real-world scenarios.

    At our Swim Schools, applicants don’t just interview; they demonstrate. They engage with children, fitting goggles, teaching water entry – activities that reveal not just skills, but character and compatibility with our culture.

    This hands-on approach during the interview process has significantly optimized our hiring, ensuring those who join us are not just fit for the job but passionate about it.

    Interestingly, this method doesn’t just filter out unsuitable candidates; it also champions our brand. Those who experience and enjoy our unique process often become ambassadors, sharing their positive experiences with peers and family.

    Enhancing Onboarding and Engagement

    After the selection process comes the crucial phase of onboarding and engagement, where OneTeam360’s employee management system plays a pivotal role. Onboarding is not merely an introduction; it’s the foundation of a long-term relationship between the employee and the organization.

    One feature that sets OneTeam360 apart is its innovative points and levels system, designed to motivate and engage employees continuously.

    This system rewards not just results but also effort, learning, and collaboration. It allows for setting up customized rewards and recognition programs that align with your company’s values and objectives, ensuring that employees feel appreciated and motivated to contribute their best.

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    Incorporating these elements of onboarding and engagement ensures that employees are not just well-prepared but are also continuously motivated and connected to the company’s mission and goals.

    With OneTeam360, you’re not just hiring employees; you’re welcoming new members into a dynamic, supportive, and thriving community.


    Recruiting the best isn’t just about filling vacancies; it’s about fostering an environment where excellence is the norm. It’s a commitment to continuous improvement, to learning from every hire and every mis-hire.

    By focusing on creating a comprehensive support system, investing in training, and nurturing a culture of mutual respect and collaboration, any organization can transform its workforce.

    I invite you to explore further – download our Free Retention Blueprint, or schedule a demo with us. Discover how to elevate every facet of your employee journey, from hiring to retention.

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