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    How to know when our new Automation tool is executing

    Automations are a super helpful tool when users start to realize their power. But it’s not long after starting to use them that most users realize that their actions can be somewhat inconspicuous unless you know what to look for.

    How do I know if my engagement automations are working?

    To address curiosity and be perfectly transparent we created an Automation Execution Log for permissioned users. This is accessible under reports in the OneTeam360 web portal. Logs are listed chronologically in order of execution. That means that they will be listed with the latest automations at the very top and the oldest executed automations at the bottom. Thei are shown intact with their names so if you happened to use a crafty name on your automation it would be pretty easy to spot. They are also shown with their trigger, action, and recipients. 

    Recipients will tell you how many people were affected by the automation running. By clicking on recipients you will be provided with further information showing who the people were, or what the email address or phone number was. 

    As an additional measure you can click on the view automation link at the end of the automation to full understand what the flow of the automation was. 

    And just like that, you can keep extensive track of your automations from a central location and not have to wonder if all that background stuff you set up is working as expected. 

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