How to Hire, Train, and Retain Webinar

Discover top strategies for recruiting superior candidates, optimizing staff development, and enhancing retention rates. This session will teach you how to attract and identify the best talent for your organization, implement development programs that maximize staff potential, and employ retention strategies that ensure long-term employee engagement and satisfaction.

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  • Hire

    Efficiently attract and select qualified candidates who fit your company’s needs.

  • Train

    Develop employee skills and increase productivity by focusing on techniques that yield measurable improvements.

  • Retain

    Focus on career development and engagement to maintain a dedicated workforce that stays for the long haul.

About the Speaker

Dans headshot

Dan Berzansky
CEO of OneTeam360

Dan Berzansky, with over 15 years of expertise as a swim school and lifeguard agency owner, brings a wealth of practical knowledge to the webinar. Starting his career as a swim instructor, Dan deeply understands the employee lifecycle and its challenges. he founded OneTeam360 to directly tackle the complexities of hiring, training, and retaining staff. In this webinar, Dan shares effective, real-world strategies drawn from his extensive hands-on experience.

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