Hack Your Hiring: Spend Less Time, Build Better Teams

Learn game-changing strategies including effective culture communication that resonates with your potential hires, automating systems to create hiring efficiency, and mastering evergreen recruiting to always have the people you need when you need them. Assemble high-performing teams in a fraction of the time. This event is perfect for HR professionals, managers, and business leaders eager to elevate their recruitment game and create a workplace that attracts and retains top talent.
Staffed Up Webinar

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February 8th, 2024 | 10AM PST

About the Speaker

Billy Headshot

Billy Giordano
CEO of StaffedUp

Billy Giordano is a seasoned entrepreneur with over two decades of expertise in hospitality hiring, owning and managing multiple businesses including Room 38 Restaurant & Lounge for the past 16 years. Drawing from his experience in the restaurant industry, Billy co-founded StaffedUp, an innovative web-based hiring platform aimed at simplifying the hiring journey for fellow employers. Presently, he works with thousands of businesses nationwide, dedicated to assisting them in assembling superior teams and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

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