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    New Announcement: The Power of ‘When I Work’ now in OneTeam360

    What can users do with this new When I Work integration that users couldn’t do before?

    We crave simple workflows. It’s no mystery. Things that make our lives easier are great to have. Now with the OneTeam360 – When I Work integration you can do the following:

    1. Review your work schedule
    2. Review your team’s work schedule
    3. Clock In to a shift
    4. Clock Out of a shift
    5. Take a break
    6. Get break ending notifications
    7. Transfer users from one system to the other
    8. Hook up pre-existing users in each system

    I’m a manager. How does this improve my workday?

    As a high level manager, or shift supervisor, it’s helpful to know who will be on site, what job they are conducting, and when they will be arriving. The manager will be able to see a chronologically listed schedule of users at different locations or departments for each day and week. This should help with prep time as a manager doesn’t need to log in and out of separate apps to conduct this work function.

    I’m a base level employee. How does this improve my day?

    Now you can review your schedule inside OneTeam360 and know all your upcoming shifts. You can review your shifts by day, or by week.

    Time Punching in OneTeam360

    You can clock in to a shift, clock out of a shift, and take a break directly inside OneTeam360. That means you don’t need to walk over to the terminal on the wall by the office or open multiple apps to do that anymore. It’s all in one simple easy to use location.  Here is what that process will look like. 

    First, locate the shift box of your upcoming shift. The box will have a clock in option if you are permitted to clock in.  

    After clocking in you will see a green badge that appears on your shift box indicating that you have successfully clocked in. Then, if permitted you can take a break. 

    After electing to take a break, if you have specified break lengths in your setup, you can select the length of the break you are electing to take.

    When it’s time to clock out of a shift a user would tap the clock out button and the shift would conclude. All times will be funneled back to When I Work for further usage such as payroll and HR purposes.

    Form more information on this integration please visit the OneTeam360 Integration Knowledgebase.

    What you should do now

    Book a demo and see OneTeam360 in action.

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